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About Us

"Dad, when I am ready to work, who will hire me with my Autism?"

Founded by Doug Varsano, Expectrum is a passionate and targeted response to his son’s question. 

After extensive research it became clear that employer, employee, and customer awareness were essential variables in addressing this question. 

We believe creating a support system for all stakeholders will reduce turnover, increase associate satisfaction and introduce a highly productive alternative labor segment.


While enjoying the CSR benefit of increasing it's inclusivity footprint.

Who We Are


Your courage and success in starting and leading your own business has been an inspiration. More importantly, you modeled the power of treating people well, cultivating relationships and conducting yourself with great character.  Thanks for preparing me to be a leader and a Dad.

Doug Varsano

President & Founder

His experience in the hotel industry spans almost 30 years including a degree from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. His leadership and his commitment to the community, offers a healthy and enduring passion for authentic hospitality and the spirit of giving back.  Doug also serves on the board of Pal Experiences, a non-profit organization that supports inclusivity and the concept that "everyone gets to go."


A parent's instinct to ensure his child’s future is the inspiration for this to be the last and most important job of his life.  Ultimately, Doug’s answer to his son’s question is, “By the time you are ready, Dad will have your first job offer, and it will be among many great opportunities in your lifetime.”


At home, he and his wife Nancy have blended their families in Phoenix with Nancy’s daughter, Olivia, Doug’s sons, Dean and Drew, and their spirited labradoodle, Ziggy. In their household, mottos like “Winners in this Family” and “Always Give Back, Never Give In” are invisibly worn on their sleeves.

Our Founder
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